DOWNLOAD: Playdough + Heath McNease – Wed, White, and Wu

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Published on November 10, 2011 with 8 Comments

Serious. Fun.

Like Heath McNease did with his Straight Outta Console mixtape of 8-bit Nintendo-samples and rhymes this summer, The Greasy Choir Boy is back to inject a little levity into the legend of the Wu.

The 17-track Wed, White, and Wu just dropped and contains reinterpretations of classic Shaolin songs with rhyme partner Billy Blanco aka MC Playdough and friends like Sintax the Terrific, RedCloud, Manchild, MG! the Visionary, Propaganda, and Ohmega Watts.

The boys beat down many of your favorites (including C.R.E.A.M., Shame on A Nuh,Shadowboxin, Gravel Pit, Ice Cream, Guillotine Swords, Protect Ya Neck, and Wu Tang Clan Aint Nuttin) and are offering the full thing on a pay-what-you-want basis over at their Bandcamp page. Deluxe packages of physical copies and T-shirts with that fresh album art are also available. (Sidenote: See samples of the full sketch-to-screen development process from ghettoManga/Samax Amen here.)

Enjoy and remember what O.D.B. said: “Wu-Tang is for the children.”


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Sketch the Journalist is a freelance writer living in the thriving country metropolis of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. Down with gospel rap since Stephen Wiley’s “Bible Break” in 1986, he has chewed, reviewed, and interviewed most of Christian hip hop’s major players. He authors the Jesus Muzik blog for the Houston Chronicle's Belief website.

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