Ludacris Releases Video To His Drake & Big Sean Diss ‘Big BaDaBoom’

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Published on November 24, 2011 with 4 Comments

As was already made abundantly clear when we interviewed Random Axe ealier this year and Sean P told us to name Big Sean ‘Thin Sean’ from now on(“Looking like he can dodge rain”), not everybody takes his and Drake’s claims as the originators of the rhyming style now known as ‘hashtag rap’ that seriously. Luda is pretty much done with the admittedly rather outlandish claims and has launched a diss track like we haven’t heard them for a while in these days of Twitter beefs and Youtube threats. The track can be found on his latest mixtape “1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time” that you can listen to and download below and has received the video treatment that you can spot above.

For the record: If it wasn’t clear already, Luda proved on the preceding interlude to the track on the tape that the hashtag flow is a lot older than Drizzy & Sean’s career. The YMCMB camp can take full credit for stomping it into the ground until nobody cared for it anymore though. It’ll be interesting to hear how Drake is going to respond to these verbal jabs but I’m expecting it to look something like this:



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  1. hey luda… YOU MAD????

    • seems like he’s WINNING to me

  2. Damn, Luda WENT IN.

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