The Bittersweet New Amy Winehouse Album Has A Tracklist [UPDATED]

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It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that a posthumous Amy Winehouse record would be released around the 2011 holidays. While the record execs were writing eulogies and expressing condolences it’s hard not too imagine some of them already having dollar/euro/pound signs in their eyes. These were the same people that actually shelved an entire Amy Winehouse album a few years ago because it was ‘too different’ from the style established on her previous two albums. Now, the number one person responsible for her destructive alchohol intake and the way it was dealt with is of course none other than the departed Miss Winhouse herself, but when someone clearly has trouble dealing with her relatively newfound fame, the pressure put upon her and a serious bout with alchoholism (aside from a history of varying substance abuse), it’s pretty clear that the talent you’ve contracted isn’t of the stablest kind. Someone like that needs support, and telling said person that the project of personal artistic expression that she’d put her heart and soul into (which she clearly did with her music) is only good enough for the dustbin isn’t exactly the most supportive stance you can take.

Her ‘recording home’ has now salvaged a part of her unreleased ‘Caribbean’ record (a period expertly dissected on Okayplayer brethren LargeUp) for the posthumous album ‘Lioness’. Despite my cynical approach to this release it’s assuring to see her frequent collaborators Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi are behind the boards once more and that another frequent Salaam Remi collaborator, the by Amy so eloquently idolized Mr. Jones, drops by for a guest appearance.

UPDATE: And that track has hit the web today. Apparently it was recorded in 2008 and produced by, you guessed it, Salaam Remi.

Amy Winehouse – Like Smoke (Feat. Nas)

Who am I kidding, I can blast the vultures at the label all I want, but there’s probably not a whole lot that can keep me from copping this album when it drops.

1. Our Day Will Come (reggae version)
2. Between the Cheats
3. Tears Dry
4. Wake Up Alone (demo)
5. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
6. Valerie (demo)
7. Like Smoke (featuring Nas)
8. The Girl from Ipanema
9. Halftime
10. Best Friends
11. Body and Soul (with Tony Bennett)
12. A Song for You



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