A Building Comes To Life In The Most Awesome Advertising You’ll See This Year

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Published on December 08, 2011 with 5 Comments

The 2011 IFA in Berlin, the biggest technology conference in Europe, was opened by LG in an amazingly spectacular way, presenting their new LG Optimus range of Android devices. They projected a ‘Hyper Facade’ onto one of the buildings of Kulturbaruerei in Berlin. Normally we don’t give a hoot about corporate presentations here at TRU but this is done in such an artful way… It really has to be seen to be believed. It’s worth your 7 minutes, trust me.



1982 was when Jaap van der Doelen aka J.Monkey shot his way out his mom dukes. A mere two years later he was already battling Big Brother and The Illuminati. Whenever he has time to spare from those efforts he writes (about music, mostly), hosts a radio show and designs graphics for a living. He lives in The Netherlands where he continues to be winning.

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