Justin Bieber freestyles a quasi-Christian rap over Biggie’s classic “Who Shot Ya?” beat

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So… the Innuhnets are goin’ nuts over this freestyle Justin Bieber dropped for Las Vegas’ Hot 97.5 over the “Who Shot Ya?” instrumental the Notorious B.I.G. made famous. “Beliebers” everywhere already know the kid likes to mess around with hip hop under the nom de rap “Shawty Mane” and are surely keen to the fact that he publicly proclaims to be a Christian.

But who knew he’d be dropping quasi-gospel rap verses with a stolen Lil Wayne flow over a bona fide hip hop classic? Much less while wearing what appears to be a Christmas apron with the words “Bieber Swag” on the front?!?

Sample lyrics include:

“Life is so short but we take it for granted / hand over my life and it was a life that I was handed”


“I’m tryin’ to figure out what my plan is / His hand is on my life and my sin just vanished / my filth washes off like her fake tan is”

Never say never I guess…


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