US Government Gives Back Seized Rap Blog Domain After A Year Of Denying All Due Process

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After being unlawfully seized over a year ago by the Department of Homeland Security and the RIAA goons, without prior warning or a shred of evidence, is finally back.

This was flat out censorship for no reason, for an entire year, by the US government… Everyone should be horrified by this. It also shows what a joke the claims of supporters are that since “a judge reviewed the affidavit,” there’s due process. Without the other party, there is no real due process. Not only that, but the government made sure, at every step of the way, that the other party was not heard. That’s horrifying. It wasn’t just an act of omission in leaving out the party, but actively preventing the party from being heard.

That quote comes from an excellent piece by Techdirt, which details the many shocking lengths gone too and liberties taken by a government to ultimately do nothing but cover their tracks and spit in the face of free speech. It should be read by anyone interested in music, the business of music or simply put, democracy in general. You may believe this is blowing things out of proportion, but think about it for a second; If a government can carry out this blatant censorship, with the help of an unavailable “secret” judge that we just “have to trust,” concerning a rap blog, imagine what they can do to a site that really pisses them off. If this were down to traditional media the world would be appalled and it shouldn’t be okay when a website is concerned either.

But even when it’s ‘just’ a rap blog, it’s the principle of the thing and the utter ridiculousness of it all, this is a tool no government should have. Expanding their toolbox should be the last thing they’re allowed to do. Take a minute to sign the petition below and let it be known that you won’t take this type of nonsense sitting down.



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