Freebie Friday: Strong Arm Steady – Arms & Hammers

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Published on January 13, 2012 with 6 Comments


The SAS gang has a swanky new website and celebrates its launch with a gift to you; their last album “Arms & Hammers,” now free of charge. Quite a surprising but interesting and sympathetic move. Fans that actually paid for the download when it came out might feel slightly screwed by this though, and they’re actually the most loyal ones. But I expect SAS isn’t the type of group who lives off album sales. Using it as a promo vehicle for their website might garner new fans and sure makes the threshold for giving the project a spin as microscopically small as possible. At the same time, it grants a project they already had recorded anyway a second life, while it gets attention to their website, where they’ll ultimately inform (new) fans of live performances and other aspects they can possibly cake off. Besides, the early birds did get the record a lot earlier than those of us that slept, and if you’re one of those latecomers count yourself lucky they’re being generous now. DOWNLOAD: Strong Arm Steady – Arms & Hammers



1982 was when Jaap van der Doelen aka J.Monkey shot his way out his mom dukes. A mere two years later he was already battling Big Brother and The Illuminati. Whenever he has time to spare from those efforts he writes (about music, mostly), hosts a radio show and designs graphics for a living. He lives in The Netherlands where he continues to be winning.

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