Leave Jay & Bey’s Kid Alone; “Eulb Yvi” Is Not A Word

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*Sigh* This was bound to happen, the name of Jay and Bey’s daughter is of course more proof of their Illuminati afilliation, according to a bevy of nutcases on Twitter.

I.V.Y = Illuminati’s Very Youngest B.L.U.E = Born Living Under Evil. Blue Ivy Spelled Backwards (Eulb Yvi) = Latin for “Lucifers Daughter”

Right… Because if you’re part of a secret society you’re gonna name your kid after it. That’s not very secretive. Besides what about all the other people named Ivy? What about everything that’s blue? Leave the kid alone, she’s only a couple days old and you’re already calling her a closet satanist.


But while everybody can make up an acronym that’s so farfetched it’s hard to argue with, the second part is easily discredited by, you know, any actual Latin. If you’re even remotely familair with the language of the ancient Roman empire (I’ll admit I’m far from fluent myself) you’ll notice right away “Eulb Yvi” doesn’t seem very Latin. That’s because it isn’t. See, “Lucifer” is a Latin name already. It’s litterally Latin for “lightbearer” and was used to reference the planet Venus, also known as the morning star. In early Jewish stories Satan is the archangel associated with the morning star who subsequently falls from Heaven after waging war with God, and in early Christianity the Latin word for the morning star became attached to the devil. 

So, in short, the Latin translation for “Lucifer” would be “Lucifer”. Lucifer is a Latin word.

The Latin word for daughter is another easy one; filia. Not “Eulb” or “Yvi,” which are both words that don’t even exist in Latin, but “filia.” A word you can still find traces of in languages derived from Latin like Spanish (“hija”) or French (“fille”). “Eulb Yvi” and “Lucifer filia” don’t seem very similair, do they? Which should make abundantly clear what nonsense this is. I know Latin is a dead language but it’s not like there’s no writing left in it. A lot of people can still read and write that ish, you know.

Honestly, it’s like you conspiracy theorists aren’t even trying anymore. Put in a little effort, will ya.



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  3. no one need prove for his illuminate interference. he said it him self. but why are you defending him are you his spokes man. either way he is a terrible man. but no one cares because they support him and go as far as defending him, like he told you that he needed you to defend him IDIOT!

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