Once Upon A Time, On An Internet All Over The World…

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It was a dark time for the empire. A massive uprising like one never seen before on the web had halted the development of their SOPA/PIPA weaponry, and just when the battle seemed to have calmed down, it appeared they had been infiltrated by the very upper echelon of the pirate forces. Several of the minions they had allowed to rise to the empire’s aristocracy, had already revealed their allegiance to his organization in a video message they had quickly tried to erase from public networks, to no avail. This latest reveal though, was a blow to the egos of the senators of the MPAA and RIAA systems that they had no appetite for dealing with. The pirates would soon learn the full extent of their power.

With the pirate ship Megaupload brought down by the full brunt of the empire’s war fleet they had scored a direct hit. But it soon turned into a pyrrhic victory, as they had once again rekindled the flame of resistance they had tried to quell. By recklessly blasting at the pirates they had gained an even larger enemy, as more and more citizens of the empire joined the rebel forces. The rebels declared war and ‘Operation Blackout‘ commenced.

The rebel forces took down a swath of vital bases of operation, including the Department of Justice, the FBI and Darth Doddius his own home on the web in retaliation. But the empire soon regained control of their lost bases and still held vast resources spanning many worlds, their magnitude beyond belief. With the battle now heating to an unforeseen degree, the rebels had not yet attained victory. Nothing is more dangerous, after all, than a cornered animal…



1982 was when Jaap van der Doelen aka J.Monkey shot his way out his mom dukes. A mere two years later he was already battling Big Brother and The Illuminati. Whenever he has time to spare from those efforts he writes (about music, mostly), hosts a radio show and designs graphics for a living. He lives in The Netherlands where he continues to be winning.

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