What’s That on Christina Aguilera’s Leg?

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Published on January 29, 2012 with 8 Comments

At last. Etta James finally got the first-rate tribute she deserves. Thanks to Christina Aguilera who threw down an extraordinarily beautiful, emotionally raw rendition of “At Last” in honor of her idol. Among other things, it’s a beautiful reminder of why I still stan for Xtina even though she’s slowly morphed into a blonde Snooki. Yes, she did over-sing it a bit, but it wouldn’t be a signature Xtina performance without melismatic embellishments.

Now as much as I’d like to keep the focus on her performance, it would be irresponsible to neglect the liquid matter streaking down her leg during. The thing clearly surprised her. Befuddled, she wiped her legs and rubbed hands together and powered through it. How she managed to remember the lyrics under those circumstances, I know not. Please watch that spellbinding tribute. Then watch it again. And again. Then stand and applaud. Then minimize this page and go tweet the clip to Lana Del Rey.

OK. With the mundane stuff out the way, let’s get to the million-dollar question. What in the entire fuck is that mystery liquid running down her legs?

Is it what I think it is? Well, I’ve asked some of my female friends and they all seem to disagree on what it is. One thing they all agree on is that it’s not what I think it is. Well, I’m no expert in lady matters, so I’ll open the floor to the wise ladies (and some gents) of TRU Nation. Did Christina forget something or is that spray tan dripping from her labia?

What's that mystery fluid on Christina's leg?

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  1. You still have malware on your site. serving from http://20flu.in/index.php?showtopic

  2. maybe xtina likes to get freaky with chocolate…i wouldn’t be shocked.

  3. Its piss leaky fanny its comman woman problem ha ha tenna lady look theres even a advert for it!!!

  4. This is supposed to be her new hype siglne. It’s scandalous and she’s resorting to scandals now to get sales. She doesn’t need to because she’s got an amazing voice and is a great performer. The thing is that she has put out tasteful music in the past but what gets more attention? Those tasteful songs or songs like dirty and this song that are more explicit. I wish it was more of a teasing kind of song instead of her saying how she just wants to fuck your body :/

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