[UPDATE: Diss Is Fake] Canibus Disses Ras Kass, Alienates What’s Left Of Fanbase

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UPDATE: Despite the song being posted as a Ras Kass diss by Ras himself on Twitter, it turns out this was a blend made by a disgruntled ‘fan’ after Ras left HRSMN. With fans like that, who needs enemies? To be clear: Canibus has not added Ras Kass to his long list of beef targets. My sincere apologies for further fanning the flames of an already lame fire, we’ll take this as a valuable lesson learned and think twice about buying into the hype next time. I would advise rappers to not promote this type of crap by further spreading it on Twitter yourselves without commentary though. Rumors spread fast and gain traction, especially when the source is one of the subjects themselves.

Guess who comes a-dissin’ again? This time former HRSMN bandmate Ras Kass is the intended target for Bis his volley, but the only thing he’s hitting are the shattered remnants of his own career. Why has Canibus decided to diss a former member of the crew he, Killah Priest and Kurupt are members of? Who knows? It has something to do with Ras leaving because of Bis his insistence on pointless disses, how’s that for irony? But really, who cares? If there’s a person writing an article on how to successfully murder your own once promising career as a rapper (really, it was, hard as it seems to believe), he or she would be interested in the textbook example Canibus has become, I guess. This time you won’t be able to say “motherf*cking Wyclef spoiled it,” you brought this all on yourself. Pretty soon you’ll turn into a punchline yourself, and then you’ll probably proceed to diss the guy that did it.

To think I actually bought two records by this clown back in the day. Sure, dude can spit. But Ras doesn’t even need to answer this to make him look like a fool. Early contender for the 2012 same award he won last year fo’ sho. Can somebody please call a vet to have his career put down peacefully?



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  1. you are whats wrong with hip hop, this wasnt made by Canibus, this was made by a disgruntled fan about Ras leaving the HRSMN. thank for you showing intelligence and blowing shit up that isnt there. good day sir

    • You fans have yourselves to blame then, you people take to the interwebs and attack artists on his behalf, then cry like babies when people get confused and think it was really him

      The guy who made that fake twitter acount is the reason we never saw a horsemen/slaughterhouse collabo

      • no jackass, you’re to blame. you post news about shit, but don’t check your sources or what you’re posting? that’s bad reporting there. had you listened to the song before posting it you’d see there was no mention of ras kass and the lyrics/verses are several years old. you failed. don’t blame it on other people.

        • 1. Roberto didn’t post it, I did. He’s not affiliated with anyone on the site, he’s just stating his opinion. There’s no need to attack him, especially for faults that aren’t his. Let’s keep it civil.

          2. As stated above, the source was Ras Kass himself(!) and the connected story of him stepping out of HRSMN is 100% legit. Ras later tweeted there was actually no beef but by then the damage was done. As soon as we found out though, we updated the post to stop the rumor from spreading and took it as a lesson to check more rigorously in the future. The post could’ve easily been deleted but the revised version was kept up like this because we don’t believe hiding your mistakes does any good, people should own up to them learn from them, as we did. I’m starting to doubt the wisdom in that decision though.

        • He’s already apologized for the mistake. Now would be a good time to hop off his nuts and go hug a transformer.

  2. Nice job promoting some fake shit. This verse is NOT ABOUT Rass Kass. Why are you writers so dumb?

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