Cuban Linx – All Over

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♣ 9 Actors You Never Knew Voiced ’80s Cartoons [Topless Robot]

♣ Forgive But Never Forget: Former Slave Pens Letter To Former Plantation Owner [The Smoking Section]

♣ Tom Brady Used An Illegal Online Stream to Watch the Super Bowl Last Year [Complex]

♣ Is This The Real Reason Why MegaUpload Was Shut Down? [Forbes]

♣ The GQ&A: Jay Smooth, The Rapper Behind the Mitt Romney Remix [GQ]

♣ Ethnic book ban in Arizona school district includes all books about Mexican-American history, even Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ [Daily News]

♣ FaceTime for Apes: Orangutans Use iPads to Video Chat With Friends In Other Zoos [Popular Science]

♣ Video: iPhone AI Goes on Killing Spree in ‘Psycho Siri’ [Wired]

♣ Bizarro Back Issues: The Superman Sex Tape (1987) [Comics Alliance]

♣ An 80s Guide To Sampling and the Music Business [Gizmodo]


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  1. I know where you got that picture from. xd.

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