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Cool artwork commemorating the unexpected meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin, the NBA’s new wünderkind. No idea who created this but thought I’d throw it out there on the count of it being awesome. If you know the artist, holla at a blogga and we’ll gladly include a link to his portfolio.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter ‘The Ascended’ we’ve not only found out the artist is Joe Petruccio, but also that he does great pieces like this one on a regular basis on his Knicks themed art blog. Check it out, it’s well worth your time.



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  1. Here’s the Artist,  Joe Petruccio  who does Knicks images like this all year. http://myknicksjournal.blogspot.com/

    • Awesome! Thanks, I’ve included it.

    • , but I’m hoping that over time things settle in as it’s great to have a pho place so close to home! One is the strong overpowering garlic smell when first walking in (noticed at dinner), and also it’ll be nice once they get their debit/credit machine. Th7y;#821e&re currently only cash only!

  2. Lincredible. 

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