The Rock Quoting Jay-Z In ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’

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Published on February 03, 2012 with 2 Comments

Sure, the first GI Joe wasn’t very good and effectively trampled all over many a dude’s nostalgia, but this sequel is actually starting to look pretty entertaining. If you’re gonna make a ridiculous, unbelievable action movie, you might as well go balls-to-the-wall crazy and have some fun with it. With seems exactly what they’re doing this time around, it’s a movie based on a toy-line after all, why not make the kind of logic-defying epic only a six year old can come up with. Matter of fact, I hope they ask Malachai Nicolle to write the script for the next one.

Besides featuring Rza in a starring role, the upcoming Super Bowl commercial for the film reveals another rap connection1, as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson quotes Jigga’s lyrics from ‘Don’t Let Me Die,’ a track of his collaboration album with Kells that a lot of fans would’ve rather forgotten, though the way that it’s used here is actually quite awesome. You can listen to the song in question below.

Spotted @ Comics Alliance.

1) On a completely unrelated note, ‘Rap connection’ was actually the title of the very first CD I bought (up until that point I only owned 7″ vinyl singles and cassette tapes), although this was the ’90s so of course it was spelled ‘Rap Connexxion.’ Why they didn’t just go all out and spell it ‘Kahnekshun’ I don’t know but it was a random compilation album featuring tracks by Snoop, Dre, Mc Lyte, Da Youngstaz, Das Efx, 2Pac and many others. Needless to say, I would never be the same kid again.



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  1. jay-z stole the quote from 2pac.. and he didnt give credit like rock did.. cuz jay-z is a respectless biatch

  2. i like the feel your going for the but just some friendly adivce from 1 beat maker to a next. u need to make your the sound levels dont go into the red, because thats when it does it distorts, make good use of the compressor because the compressor will give it a lil boost without dramitcily raising the level bar. hope that helped. keep it up

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