The Wire’s Omar Plays ODB in Biopic

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Oh dear Lord, is it possible Hollywood will get this one right? The Guardian is reporting that upcoming movie ‘Dirty White Boy’ has casted Michael K. Williams, better known as The Wire’s Omar Little as Ol’Dirty Bastard! We’ll have to wait for the rest of it but at least that casting awesome. I would watch the hell out of a movie that covers ODB’s life starring Omar!

Dirty White Boy focuses not just on ODB, born Russell Jones, but also on Jarred Weisfeld, the titular white boy, who met the musician when he was a 22-year-old VH1 production assistant. Weisfeld gradually became ODB’s manager, Entertainment Weekly reports, engineering the rapper’s comeback. His plan was cut short by Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s fatal drug overdose in November 2004.

The movie is directed by Joaquín Baca-Asay, a fella not known for any feature films yet, but one of his shorter works with another rapper you might be familair with. Take a look at it below:

This news just made my day.


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