DOWNLOAD: Mick Boogie x Beastie Boys – Grand Royal (Mixtape)

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Mick Boogie’s tapes rarely dissapoint, and a mix by him honoring the Beasties’ induction into the Hall of Fame should certainly wet the appetite of anyone considering himself a connoiseur of enjoyable rap tunes. Here’s the mixmaster putting it in his own words:

80 minutes of my favorite Beastie Boys rarities, remixes, demos, live versions, out-takes, and more. If you’re a Beasties fan, I guarantee you find something new and exciting on this mix!

DOWNLOAD: Mick Boogie x Beastie Boys – Grand Royal (Mixtape) | Mirror

I’ma act like I’m on a teleshopping channel and tell you “WAIT, THERE’S MORE:”

Being that this mix is so important to me, I wanted to make it extra special. Something beyond just an audio experience. I called my friend Jonathan Mannion, the legendary photographer (8 Jay-Z albums, 3 Eminem albums, Lil Wayne, Nas, Aaliyah, the list goes on and on), and we decided to re-shoot the iconic cover from the Beastie’s 1989 classic Paul’s Boutique.

Besides all that, HOMAGE is releasing an exclusive tee in conjuction with the tape that you can peep below (click the image to go to their store). Beasties fans probably need no explanation when it comes to that print but they might like to know a portion of the proceeds will go to the Pablove foundation, an organization providing relief through hospital play, music and arts programs to kids suffering from cancer, that is said to be the recently cured Adam Yauch’s favorite cancer-related charity.


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