Holy Week Through Hip Hop

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Since Sunday Christians all over the world have been celebrating and remembering the seven days that encapsulate the crux of their faith. It’s no surprise that many in that number are a part of the global rap community and often use that as a topic of their art. We’ve collected a small sampling of their work below so that you may experience “Holy Week Through Hip Hop.”

Palm Sunday

Playdough – “Palm Sunday”
It’s a risky move any time a rapper attempts to inhabit the Jesus role in his rhymes. But here, Playdough somehow bridges the gap between Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and a tale about the highs and lows of a struggling MC.


shai linne – “Passover”
From his excellent Storiez album, shai illustrates a family’s Old Testament tale from the very first Passover.

Good Friday

Hazakim – “Crucifixion Description”
The unique group made up of two Messianic Jewish brothers break down the execution of Jesus in graphic detail.

Ambassador – “It Was Love”
From what many consider Christian rap’s G.O.A.T. album, Ambassador gives you the Gospel story from Genesis to the cross.

“What made Him bleed and cling to a tree and get nailed to the form of a lower case “t”?

Knine – “For You”
The dog flexes his narration skills in the track that sparked the idea for his It Was Written album of Bible story songs.

Resurrection Sunday

deepspace5 – “Rise”
deepspace5’s sintax.the.terrific builds on a theme and delivers a triumph celebration of Christ’s resurrection in his third verse over a beat from Alex Goose’s Blueprint 3’s outtakes.

shai Linne – “Jesus Is Alive”
Using Lecrae as his hypeman, shai rings out another track exalting the idea that Jesus (above all others) rose from the grave and lives on today.

Sketch the Journalist

Sketch the Journalist is a freelance writer living in the thriving country metropolis of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. Down with gospel rap since Stephen Wiley’s “Bible Break” in 1986, he has chewed, reviewed, and interviewed most of Christian hip hop’s major players. He authors the Jesus Muzik blog for the Houston Chronicle's Belief website.

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  • Aaron Mckrell

    brilliance. what’s the name of that Ambassador album?

  • Sketch the Journalist


    It’s called “Christology In Layman’s Terms” from Cross Movement Records and has the same cover you see in the video clip. Released in 2000.