Rosa Acosta Shakes Her Cakes in ‘Entourage’ Promo Clip

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Rosa Acosta- Love Drunk- An Independent Project by Director X from DirectorX on Vimeo.

Entourage is moving to Spike next season. To welcome the addition, Spike recruited Director X (pka Little X) to produce this riveting motion picture of Rosa Acosta dancing in the Entourage car. The clip shows (mostly) two shots — wide and medium — of Rosa shaking her money maker to the “beat” of Snoop Dogg and The-Dream’s “Love Drunk,” except she wasn’t actually dancing to the beat — X added it after the fact.

Some highlights from his KING interview.

On the music
When I was in the edit I realized this is gold, it’s so good I had to do something else with it. So I had Snoop’s CD, grabbed [”Luv Drunk” featuring The-Dream”], I put the two together, it looked like that’s what she was dancing to, and boom: we got the independent project.

On the concept
“The concept of the commercial is these girls rapping about the fact that they were once in Entourage. The commercial has all kinds of crazy stuff, Gary Busey’s in there…it’s just kind of insane. [Rosa’s] platform was to dance in the car. And normally when you tell a girl that, they just freestyle it away. But she actually planned something out. I haven’t seen any girls do anything like that.”

On other directors biting his concept
“I don’t know, man. People are kinda stuck in their ways, so I’d be surprised to see a really big shift. But things like this show you…you can make something engaging. But you have to have Rosa Acosta. You need a girl of that talent. It’s not just a hot girl shaking her a$$.”

On the response to his “HYFR” video
“We weren’t doing anything disrespectful. We knew we were showing everything [accurately]. It was a little wild, but… Drake wasn’t making fun of himself [or] his religion. We were just there. Just the whole idea of it is funny to people.”



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