The Lame Reasoning Behind T.I. Being ‘Meh’ About Gay Marriage

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After Jigga unequivocally supported the right for gay people to marry, Sway asked T.I. his opinion on the matter as well. He sees no problem with it, but his disinterest is argued a wee bit awkwardly:

“Just to speak honestly, and being frank, I don’t care. I think that if a matter doesn’t affect your daily life, you shouldn’t take a hard stand on it if it’s not something that directly affects you. If it doesn’t affect you, then what difference does it make what other people are doing with their lives? I think that you should be able to do whatever you want to do. I don’t see how it matters one way or another.”

…Right. While Tip’s live-and-let-live attitude is admirable, and hard to argue with, the sentence leading up to it seems to take that philosophy to a negative extreme. You “shouldn’t take a hard stand” on something that doesn’t “directly affect you?” What kind of crap is that? By that logic, I guess America didn’t have to go over to Europe to fight Nazis, people don’t have to care about famine or oppression in other parts of the world and anybody who isn’t an African American teenager can just shrug about what happened to Trayvon Martin.

An injustice is an injustice, no matter who the people are that are being directly targeted by it. If you condone discrimination against one group you indirectly condone it against all. Wether T.I. believes gay people are being treated unfairly or not in the first place is being sidestepped by his laissez-faire attitude, so his answer is actually a pretty smart one that could be interpreted in multiple ways while still coming across as tolerant. Score one for the media trainers, minus one for those actually expecting an answer.

I’m not saying T.I. should take a stand on gay marriage, that’s up to T.I. himself, I’m just saying his reasoning not to is a crock of bullshit. But hey, you don’t have to wonder if you’ll ever need a FREE T.I. shirt again or if he’s being unfairly targeted by the justice department, him being free or imprisoned doesn’t directly affect you, right?


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