VH1 Behind The Music: Notorious B.I.G. (Full Documentary)

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VH1 comes through with another ‘Behind The Music’ on a hip-hop icon, this time turning the spotlight on Biggie. It’s hard to argue many emcees more worthy o fthe accolades than BIG, and even though much has been said about Voletta Wallace’s baby boy already, the network manages to shine a light on an aspect of the story still left murky: the details surrounding his death.

The documentary makers talked to Greg Kading, the retired LAPD detective who was close to cracking the case after already having secured two confessions of people involved murder, but was subsequently pulled from the case, which is the reason he decided to leave the force. Watch the full documentary up top if you’re in the US, those outside need to find a proxy or VPN to work for ‘em since MTV Newtworks apparently only wants uhmuhricns to see this.


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