11 Photos of Rappers Pointing at Imaginary Objects at Made in America

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A staple of live concerts: people pointing at imaginary things. There was plenty of that going on at JAY-Z’s two-day festival, Made in America. Behold: 11 photos of rappers pointing at things and their pointometer ratings. Take a look.

DMC gets extra points on the pointometer scale for double limb pointing.
Pointometer: 10.00

Drake could use a few lessons from DMC on how to point enthusiastically.
Pointometer: 4

Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist of the Hives
OK, so he’s not a rapper but he’s still pointing the hell outta that imaginary thing.
Pointometer: 8

Common demonstrates proper pointing technique
Pointometer: 9

Run DMC in double action pointing.
Pointometer: 9

Not to be outdone by his partner, Run keeps pointing.
Pointometer: 7

Freeway points out imaginary adversary; Jay shoots him down with imaginary gun. Team work done right.
Pointometer: 8

But, of course, no one’s going to outpoint Hov at his own party.
Pointometer: 9

Jill Scott wants to know what everyone’s pointing at?


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  • Jaap

    Are they perhaps pointing at Clint Eastwood’s invisible Obama?

    • http://twitter.com/rizoh Rizoh