Thoughts on Freddie Gibbs’s Baby Face Killa Business Plan

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Published on September 25, 2012 with 2 Comments">2 Comments

This seems like a smart business move from Gangsta Gibbs. His new album is also released as a free mixtape on the same day. The catch? The mixtape version is in collaboration with DJ Drama while tagless/screamless version can be purchased off iTunes. It almost negates the need people might feel to search for a ‘leak’ since the mixtape will be legally plastered all over the blogosphere, rendering music piracy a moot point. Those thoroughly enjoying the tunes and wishing to get them in their full glory can lay down the bucks, those that don’t care won’t have to, and probably wouldn’t have done so anyway. Meanwhile, everyone interested can get a free taste and the record might eventually reach more people that way than if it didn’t.

This is a smart hustle from Gary, Indiana’s own. The only thing that boggles the mind regards DJ Drama: if it’s considered to be added value to not have your contributions on a tape, isn’t their something wrong with your DJ game?


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