The Top 8 Unscripted WTF-Moments At Music Awards Shows

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This Thursday marks not only the acceptance speech from Barack Obama at the Democratic National Convention, a speech MTV has actually rescheduled their awards show for, it also features said awards show. As one of the few thing MTV produces that actually involves music, it’s become a pretty big deal in recent years. Yet similar to the DNC and RNC, the VMAs are filled to the brim with carefully scripted platitudes. When someone decides to color outside the lines and the seams start to show though, that’s when the magic happens. Here’s eight eyebrow-raising instances to remind you award shows don’t always turn into a complete bore.

8. Hayden Panettiere at the 2011 MTV EMAs
When Hayden Panettiere was invited to present an award she handled a streaker on stage like a pro, barely batting an eyelash. When that streaker ran back after a few seconds, with his hands no longer cupped around the family jewels, she was seriously uncomfortable though. Who can blame her? That night, security seemed looser than a hooker in an Action Bronson song.

7. Adele at the 2012 Brit Awards
What kind of organization trolls one of their biggest stars like that? A couple more seconds would’ve killed them or what? When they cut off her acceptance speech, Adele let her London roots come through and flipped them the bird in a definitely unscripted move.

6. Tim Commerford (of Rage Against The Machine) at the 2000 MTV VMAs
Tim Commerford actually climbed a stage prop on top of Limp Bizkit when they accepted their award, a decision that did not sit well with him. Fred Durst tried to make him do a stagedive which he didn’t do, security made sure he spent the rest of the night in a police cell though. The Illuminati won’t let me post a clip of the event in question so here is footage of him thrashing his bass at the show. Seems like he had a bone to pick with the Viacom overlords.

5. Lil’ Mama at the 2009 MTV VMAs
Lil’ Mama barely makes a modicum of sense when she opens her mouth but proved she doesn’t even need to say anything to make herself look ridiculous. Her antics and subsequent burn by Jay would’ve probably been the talk of the town, if it weren’t for a certain incident that happened that very same night…

4. Kanye at the 2009 MTV VMAs
Yo Lil’ Mama, I’m really happy for you, I’ma Let you finish, but Kanye had one of the craziest interruptions of all time!

3. Fiona Apple at the 1997 MTV Awards
You’d think she punched a panda in the gut by the outrage still echoing through the world after Fiona Apple’s ‘acceptance’ speech in 1997, where she essentially called the cult of celebrity worship and award shows a crock of bullshit. Many people called it tasteless but I’d say speaking truth to power in the very heart of the lion’s den is one of the realest moves one can make. Fiona is a boss.

2. Nathaniel Hornblowér at the MTV 1994 VMAs
When R.E.M. won the award for best video in the same year Sabotage was released enough people fell off their chair in surprise to register as a minor quake to geologists. Spike and the Beasties still got their due in unforgettably comedic way when Nathaniel Hornblowér (the directing alias of MCA) bumrushed the stage dressed in lederhosen, telling the crowd what everybody really knew already: Spike should’ve won. And that he had all the ideas for Star Wars, and everything.

1. Ol’ Dirty Bastard at the 1998 Grammy’s
Yeah, Kanye has a knack for stagecrashes and WTF-ery at awards shows, but he still has a long way to come if he ever wants to dethrone the king: the late, great Ol’Dirty Bastard had bought himself a very expensive outfit for that night when the Wu should’ve won. Come on, you know it. Puffy is good, but Wu-Tang is for the babies!


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