Top 10 GIFs from the Presidential Debate

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Living in Europe and having a day job are not the optimal conditions for following the presidential debate. Which is why I was fast asleep when Mitt and Barry were pretending to be very different were waging their war of words and had to rely on my American friends that did watch it to bring me up to speed; the gist seeming to be that Mitt was energetic but vague and Barack specific but uninspired. For a visual recollection however, Tumblr is the place to be, this one, to be specific. There’s loads more there, but here are ten standouts.

10. Here Mitt recollects a terrifying incident in his life, recounted so many times already it’s a small wonder he has any appendages left.

9. Okay, these are actually two GIFs. They work beautifully in tandem though.

8. Raise your hand if you hear the sound effect in your head.

7. Last night, a meme was born.

6. I think Jay wins this arm gesture dance-off. Brooklyn got your back, Barack.

5. Well, at least he doesn’t pay ‘em.

4. Yeah, that would distract me too. Not Robo-Romney though.

3. Scott Storch in tha building!

2. Here Barack is arguing why Han shot first.

1. Exactly.



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