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If you think Das Racist rapper Himanshu aka Heems is nothing more than a novelty rap act, than today is a good day to reacquaint yourself with his work. His new solo album Wild Water Kingdom just dropped for $free,99 today. Yeah, dude’s deadpan delivery, lack of regard for what’s “cool” and stoner nonchalance can be used to great comedic effect, but that doesn’t mean dude doesn’t know how to pick a hot beat and ride it.

Besides talking to Rolling Stone to promote his new tape, Heems did and AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit today. Among other things he talked about the pressure from his Asian community to go down an established path:

My uncles and aunties were initially like “what are you doing? our son’s a pharmacist!” and then were like “can you sign this for my boss? his sons a huge fan” and i’d be like “nah im in china right now” and they’d be like “dag” and i’d be like “hows your pharmacist son” all the while thinking “man in 2 years when no one cares about my music im gonna wish I was a pharmacist”.

And the possibility of collavorating with Jay-Z:

One time someone asked Jay-Z what he thought about Das Racist and he said “Huh? Who’s Racist?”.

The new tape Wild Water Kingdom is available as a free download, below is the video for Himanshu’s ‘Soup Boys.’


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