Kendrick Lamar Performs ‘Backseat Freestyle’ At Adrien Broner Vs. Antonio Demarco Fight

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Donning a black TDE hoodie Kendrick stepped alongside the flamboyant former featherweight, and now lightweight world champion, who’s working hard towards his goal of becoming a legendary boxer.

“Broner had a dream!”

And he came another step closer to that dream as “The Problem” proved true to his moniker for the 25th time, maintaining his unblemished record. Broner was fast and accurate, wasting very little energy and managing to have DeMarco hit the canvas before the referee rightfully stopped the fight in the eighth round.

“They say before you can make something happen you gotta see it yourself, And I saw it, I dreamed of it and now I’m living my dream. I wanted to make a statement and I did.”

Broner now holds the WBC title and expressed interest in fighting Ricky Burns, current holder of the WBO title. A fight that surely won’t hurt ratings and put money in both their pockets, who doesn’t like to see titles united? Below is the entire Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco fight.


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