Michael K. Williams & Kagan McLeod Create A Comic Based On R. Kelly’s Afterparties

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The record clearly attests to my love for R. Kelly’s epic self-described “hip-hopera” known as Trapped In The Closet. That I’m quite fond of The Wire and Michael K. Williams in his role as Omar is also far from secret, and those that know me are more than aware of my voracious comic reading habits as well. When those three tastes combine to form the Voltron of a comic in which Michael K. Williams details the wrap-up parties of R.Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet shoots, it’s pretty much Christmas time come early this year.

Drawn by Kagan Mcleod and featuring a dancing mideget falling into a cake, R. Kelly flipping burgers in a rented-out Mickey D’s and a party at his private indoor-beach, it is truly the stuff dreams are made of. Fevered, deranged dreams, that lead to awesome things like the Trapped In The Closet series.

Thanks Vulture, you just made my day.


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