The Mystery Of Captain Murphy [Updated]

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Published on November 16, 2012 with 1 Comment">1 Comment

The enigmatic Captain Murphy debuted on a track with Earl Sweatshirt, produced by Flying Lotus. That setting and the deep voice lead many to assume Tyler, The Creator had adopted another alias, but the blogging fam over at Passion of the Weiss has a different suggestion that seems much more plausible (and intriguing, honestly), given the style of the video collage and its sound that popped up online. The video is a very trippy affair involving, among other things, cult leaders and Pauly Shore namedrops. It’s over half an hour and pretty NSFW, so pour yourself an absinthe and light a spliff when you get home to hallucinate your way into the weekend. Not that you really need, you’ll approximate a similar sensation by watching it sober. Watch it on [Update: The Captain tweeted a DL link for the audio so you can get dazed on the headphones too.]

DOWNLOAD: Captain Murphy – Duality

As for the identity of Captain Murphy? Well, nothing is sure yet, but it seems like a certain species of airborn flora has taken a page from the Quasimoto notebook…


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