The Trouble With Trouble Man: a Roundtable Discussion

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It’s no secret TRU’s own Aaron has much appreciation for the music of Clifford Harris. In recent times however, his output hasn’t had the same consistency as it had earlier on in his career. His new album Trouble Man (Heavy Is The Head) drops December 18th and everybody hoped for a return to form. Alas, when it landed in the TRU offices, it did so with a resounding thud. TRU Brain Trust members Aaron, Zillz (of ZS Music Blog), Khal (of Rock The Dub) and Nahshon (aka Nayschola) took part in a roundtable discussion about the trouble with Trouble Man.

Nahshon: Halfway through… I’d think Aaron is gonna pretty happy about this.
Aaron: Fuck this album.
Khal: LMFAO!
Aaron: Dude is Bill fuckin’ Cosby on TV and he’s tryin ‘to act like O-Dog on record. GTFO.
Khal: What’s funny is that you’re saying this at album 6.
Aaron: Album 8. It wouldn’t bother me if he hadn’t grown up on Paper Trail and then told his fans he was gonna be all grown man and shit. Then goes back to jail for drug charges. And then he comes out with this Partridge Family reality tv show and then he’s trying to act like he’s in the trap. Fuck that.

Khal: You basically described every rapper story. I mean, this isn’t new.
Aaron: OK, but the music itself is lame too. I hate to see an artist take one step forward and about ten steps back. Shit is weak.
Khal: The music’s BEEN bad. He hasn’t been the same since he had those army guns before the BET Awards.
Aaron: I loved Paper Trail. No Mercy was trash. his Fuck Da City Up mixtape was decent though.
Khal: Again, he ain’t been the same since he got popped for those guns.
Nahshon: I hear more passion on this album than I’ve heard from him in a while. He has pretty much accepted that pop appeal (a la Rihanna features) probably aren’t the route for such a troubled man AND he has some fucking bars. It’s not a top 5 of the year but it’s a top 5 of his damned catalog!
Khal: LOL

Zillz: I want to say it’s a wrap for TI… but he’s made poor albums before and bounced back. Let’s hope his next one is worth it. This was crap.
Aaron: I hear what you’re saying Zilla, but No Mercy sucked too. That’s two in a row. It seems his heart isn’t in it. He even said he wants out because the game isn’t the same anymore.
Zillz: No Mercy is one of those albums you gotta listen to while you’re working, it’s AT LEAST solid. The problem is, he’s a different man than he was when he made his best albums. Now, he’s rich and has run out of material, relying on features to get him through. The game never changes only the people in it.
Aaron: Either way, I’m done rooting for this guy. Next!