TRU x RTD Present: It’s A Trap! (A Comprehensive Guide to Trap in 2012) Mixed By DJ Nappy

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It's A Trap

Once upon a time, rap was a key influence on early house music. Now in 2012, electronic dance music is not only a key influence on rap, things are coming full circle again in very interesting ways. With a subgenre of rap, the southern dopeboy rap from the traps, influencing an EDM offshoot by the same name (Trap), which in turn is getting noticed by more and more rap artists and producers, creating a somewhat murky, but lively and captivating cross-influencing movement.

2012 really was the year in which EDM Trap had its moment, and it’s poised to only get bigger in 2013. From the ATL to the UK and back, Trap is jumping off, stopping at spots all over the globe in between. If you’re still lost as to what this whole thing is about, or are looking for a dope mix capping off the year of its breakthrough, look no further. and proudly present an EDM Trap mix flawlessly sequenced by DJ Nappy: “It’s A Trap: A Comprehensive Guide to Trap in 2012″.

Pump it up, enjoy, and get used to it. The future is now.

DOWNLOAD: It’s A Trap: A Comprehensive Guide to Trap in 2012 | Mixed By Disc Jockey Nappy



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