Watch The “Lookin’ 4 Galt” Documentary Search For Enigmatic Composer

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The French folk over at Gasface don’t dissapoint in digging up interesting anecdotes in their many video reports on rap’s broader history, but they went the extra mile this time in searching all over NY for the enigmatic Canadian composer. The man behind the musical “Hair” is also the author of a deep catalogue full of funk and jazz, and through the prism of a bevy of crate diggers, has had a lasting influence on hip-hop as well (Oh No’s Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms even samples his music exclusively throughout the entire album).

This documentary traces the cult that seemingly unnoticed formed around the intensely private Galt McDermott and talks about him to crate diggers like Marco Polo, Pete Rock, Prince Paul and others. It also has a dope animated intro and funny bylines. Well worth your time if you’re remotely interested in music history. It looks good and is edited well and can be streamed right here, for free, in it’s entirety.

You must’ve been nice, ’cause you can thank Saint Nicolas and Père Fouettard (and not give ‘em the gasface) for this early Christmas gift.


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