Madlib Meets Thomas Fehlmann

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Madlib isn’t the most talkative artist around, so the magazine Electronic Beats had the smart idea to pair him up with another musician for a conversation in their magazine when he came to Berlin. The Orb’s Thomas Fehlmann, who was one of the key figures in the birth of the Neue Deutsche Welle talks to man of many names about krautock, jazz, working with Dilla and many other things.

M: My parents were incredibly open-minded. They had everything from James Brown to Kraftwerk, and I had a record player in my room, so I would always steal their stuff and listen to it on my own.
TF: You’re lucky. I had to fight with my parents to play what I liked and to get my turn at the record player. Eventually when they got a stereo, I was allowed to set up the old mono system in the basement for my use.

You can read a much larger excerpt of the piece over @ Rappcats.


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