Shots Fired: Angel Haze Vs. Azaelia Banks

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Once again, Azealia Banks is embroiled in a war of words. This time Angel Haze launched a diss track at her, because Azealia had a problem with people who aren’t born in NY repping NY or something, which Angel perceived to be a subliminal slight toward her, which Azealia denied, but not without going back ‘n forth with some ratchet comments. The whole thing is fairly ridiculous, but you can peep the tweets here.

Azealia said she had heard Angel’s diss track was recorded months ago, implying she was set to start a beef with her for a long time and just awaited an opportune moment. She replied with a diss track of her own:

To which Angel took three hours to respond with another track, titled ‘Shut the Fuck Up’ and set to Pac’s ‘Ambitionz As A Ridah’ beat. If the vocals sound a bit… crummy, that’s to be expected: “you get an unmastered diss…you aint worth my studio time.”

I’d be surprised if this is the end of it though, they don’t exactly come across as the type that easily lets go. Early contender for most ridiculous battle of the year?


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