Shots Fired: Joey Bada$$ Ethers Lil B

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In this day and age of brawling R&B singers and twitter beef, it’s nice to see a lyricist actually taking it to the mic again. Although there certainly wasn’t a shortage of twitter beef involved in this case either.

“They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don’t quit his day job”

You might remember that line from ‘Survival Tactics,’ a standout track from Joey’s excellent debut 1999, and it’s something Lil B took offense with, as evidenced by the diss track he suddenly launched against Joey titled ‘I’m The Bada$$.’

Because this is 2013, the two went back and forth on Twitter for a while, in front of a lot of digital bystanders…

Prompting Joey to retaliate with a track of his own, despite stating it wasn’t worth the hassle earlier.

Which basically ethered Lil B to such a degree that he did a 180 turn and became a fan. Game. set, match. Quickest battle ever?


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