Prince Paul Reveals Gravediggaz Were Almost Signed By Eazy-E

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The appropriately titled Hiphopsite has put up a great interview with Prince Paul, in which he details the background of every single track on the classic Gravediggaz debut Six Feet Deep. It’s a lengthy piece with multiple interesting anecdotes, like how RZA got his name, how the ’2 Cups Of Blood’ beat wasn’t even intended to be released and how the courtroom scene for ‘Diary Of A Mad Band’ came to be, but one especially sticks out as an interesting bit of hip-hop trivia rarely heard:

“It’s funny out of all of the meetings, initially he was one person that was interested in putting out the project. I flew out to California because I had a connect out there and I knew Eazy from before because we had toured with N.W.A. on a few dates when I was with Stetsasonic. He’s a real nice guy, it’s funny I’m thinking N.W.A. is all street and gangsta, but he was a real nice dude man. I remember going to L.A., going to Ruthless Records and I remember he had the demo in his hand and he’s like “yo Gravediggaz… I really like this, I wanna sign y’all.” I’m like REALLY?? Wow! One, I’m a big N.W.A. fan to begin with, people don’t realize how huge of a fan I was so this was kinda going full circle for me. So I’m like, “wow he get’s it, after all this rejection, Eazy gets it.” So I’m like “yeah let’s do this deal,” and I remember Jerry Heller was there at the time making an offer. First of all I gotta thank Eazy, God rest his soul, for giving me a copy of the N.W.A. VHS tape that I wanted so bad and it wasn’t in stores at the time hahaha, so I had to get that! So then I talked to Jerry Heller, he was ok but was very disinterested you know, he doesn’t care about the music, he’s just the business dude. But that contract, I don’t remember the details, but I do remember it was probably one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life… it was almost like, it was better off not putting out the record at all, hahaha. I’m not saying it was this bad, but it was like yo you wanna put out a record? Pay me and we’ll put out the record, haha. It made sense why a lot of the people at the time had beef with Jerry Heller because it was that bad. It was like… what? Are you kidding me? It was horrible. So I still had a little faith and I was like “yo I’m gonna wait out for a better situation.”

Head on over to Hiphopsite for the full article, definitely worth your time if you’re a fan of the album, and why wouldn’t you be?


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