Listen: Biggie Smalls & Keith Murray – Who Shot Ya? (Original Version)

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Biggie Smalls & Keith Murray

Let’s be honest here, Nah Right is known by many in the blogosphere as the daily hub for new tunes, when we’re talking rap. They’ve caught flack for putting up a bazillion tunes, virtually without comment or curation, but we still all visit regardless of our personal opinion. In the past couple months though, Eskay’s digs have been churning out some (in a positive sense) reputation-defying and insightful pieces on rap history. It’d be a shame if you let your prejudice towards what you expect from them keep you from their ‘making of’ articles, or their Mixtape Memories series, which chronicles a very specific but vital part of rap history. The latest installment sits down with DJ SNS and chronicles him stealing a DAT of Nas’ ‘Understanding’, leaking reference joints for Total and premiering Snoop’s debut single ‘What’s My Name’ months in advance, for which Dre and Snoop actually gave him dap when they were in NY. There’s a ton of dope anecdotes (well, dope to rap history nerds like me at least), and when the topic of his tape Get Your Swerve On ‘95 is broached, they include a musical gem I’m sure many aren’t familiar with yet:

I had songs that niggas couldn’t even fuck around with. I had [Method Man and Redman's] ‘How High.’ I had ‘Who Shot Ya’ with Keith Murray’s verse. To this day, no one still has that record. [Laughs.] You only heard Keith Murray’s verse on the Mary [J. Blige My Life interlude]. But his whole verse wasn’t on there, [it was just a snippet that faded in and out]. I had the full version.

Yep. The OG version, never officially published and not even included on the Ready to Die remastered edition. Here it is in all its glory (Puff voice: “take that, take that”):


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  • eskay

    >>virtually without comment or curation, but we still all visit regardless of our personal opinion

    yo but tell us how you really feel though fam. appreciate the post, but don’t ever think I just post everything that comes across my radar. if that’s what you think we do at NR you’re not paying attention.

    • Jaap

      Nah, I don’t think that’s what you do, ’cause I’ve been around long enough to see you build up NR. There was a time after the first years and before the current era where there was less writing, which I thought was a pity, but I’m glad to see it’s back with a vengeance. There’s a ton of records I personally can’t be bothered with on NR every day, but that’s just differing tastes and the same goes for many blogs. Besides that, I’ll admit to posting stuff I find lackluster myself occasionally, but which I still deem newsworthy for a variety of reasons. I assume the same happens at NR.

      You do know that’s how many people in the blogosphere think of NR though, one of the kickstarters of OFWGKTA’s initial success was shitting on you guys and the joy other blogs took in that. We have way less numbers than you guys, so it’d be pointless for me to convince the general public of NR’s value, they’re already right there. I’m speaking directly to those detractors and telling them they shouldn’t let what they think NR is keep them from what NR is actually doing, hence the “(in a positive sense) reputation-defying”.

      • eskay

        All good man, I appreciate the response.

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