‘Beats by Dre’ Sold to Apple for a Whopping $3.2 Billion

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Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine And Luke Wood Launch The Beats By Dr. Dre Pill At The Beats Store In Soho, NY

There used to be a time when people made fun of Dre, when Eazy-E brought out some pics from the nebulous early hiphop/late disco age, in which Dre was sporting a glittery doctor’s coat and something that looked a lot like mascara. It didn’t faze him back then, and he’s probably even more unfazable now. Go ahead and crack your Detox jokes, Andre Young might chuckle along from atop his mountain of money as rap’s first billionaire.

Day and a Dream reports that the good doctor from Compton sold his and Jimmy Iovine’s quickly built headphone empire to Apple. I’ve personally never been a fan of the headphones themselves (the few that I’ve heard had way too much bass and were very overpriced) but the sound quality of Apple’s earbuds can only go up from here. Their player has always been great, what it played through, not so much. Let’s see how they fare with Dre’s tech, although the price probably has more to do with the added cool points of that red circle with the b in it.


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