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  • biglmural

    They Reminisce Over You: Lamont ‘Big L’ Coleman

    February 15th of 1999 was a different age. The century was nearing its end, internet hadn’t yet become the ubiquitous presence in the world, the twin towers were still standing and we were blissfully unaware…

  • wpid-hot_glasses.jpg

    Cuban Linx – All Over

    ♣ 9 Actors You Never Knew Voiced ’80s Cartoons [Topless Robot] ♣ Forgive But Never Forget: Former Slave Pens Letter To Former Plantation Owner [The Smoking Section] ♣ Tom Brady Used An Illegal Online Stream…

  • wpid-KatFood-2075-1.jpg

    Cuban Linx – Smokey Winds

    ♣ RIAA-Ruined Rap: The 20 Worst Platinum Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time [The Smoking Section] ♣ Don’t Like SOPA & PIPA? You’ll Hate ACTA [Access Now] ♣ Roald Dahl, Lucian Freud and 225 Refused To…

  • wpid-SUUUUUUUUUU.jpg

    Cuban Linx – Action

    ♣ January 18 captured: A SOPA blackout gallery [Open Source] ♣ SOPA Explained In Animated GIF Format [The Oatmeal] ♣ SOPA In A Nutshell [Buzzfeed] ♣ 10 Rappers to Watch in 2012 [] ♣ Shyne…


    The 11 Best Rap Albums of 2011

    All that’s left for listapalooza 2011 now is the top one, the album list. Since none of us could actually tell what constitutes the difference bewtween albums and mixtapes nowadays (more on that here) we’ve…

  • The Top 20 Songs Of 2011

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    The Top 20 Rap Songs Of 2011

    2011 was a year with many faces in this world of rap. We saw emo-rap rise to prominence like never before while the man partly responsible for paving it’s way towards the mainstream dived headfirst…

  • The Roots - undun

    BT Review: The Roots – undun

    Though their albums have always been cohesive and gravitated more and more to singular ideas over the years The Roots deliver their first concept album with ‘undun.’ The BT goes on a sonic journey to found out if the great expectations are delivered upon.

  • Drake - Take Care (Cover)

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    BT Review: Drake’s Take Care

    It almost goes without saying that Drake won’t be repping for the hard knocks in the school of life. Nobody expects a Timb boots wearing roughneck album but the members of the BT are man (and in one case, woman) enough to deal with emotional content. So will Drizzy tug at their heartstrings or lull them to sleep? Read on to find out.

  • Ambition-cropped

    BT Review: Wale’s Ambition

    After the lukewarm reception of his official debut album Wale has made the surprising switch to Rick Ross his outfit. Will his ambition finally pay off rolling with MMG or is he the odd one…

  • Happy Bornday Riz!

    The TRU BT Presents: The Ultimate Birthday Party Playlist (Happy Birthday Riz!)

    It’s a special day at the TRU HQ as today marks the 30th birthday of the homie Rizoh, founder of this very site and the original Blogfather. To commemorate his life hitting the triple decades…

  • JCOLE-Lp

    TRU Brain Trust Reviews Cole World: The Sideline Story

    After several pushbacks and a critically acclaimed series of mixtapes anticipation for J. Cole’s official debut has risen to a fever pitch. Will the Roc Nation newbie be a worthy heir to the throne? TRU…

  • Drake - Take Care (Cover)

    10 Thoughts Going Through Drake’s Mind on Take Care Cover

    Drake unveiled the cover art to his next opus yesterday. The world immediately wondered “Why the sad face?” So the TRU Brain Trust assembled it’s foremost psychoanalists to form an educated guess to answer the question of what went through Drizzy’s mind when the picture was taken.

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