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  • 2pac

    They Reminisce Over You: Tupac Amaru Shakur

    Today marks the 15th anniversary of one of hip-hop culture’s darkest hours. You’ve heard what happened 15 years ago, and the particulars have been explored a multitude of times, so instead of getting into that…

  • 2Pac

    15 Things 2Pac Did Better Than Almost Every Other Rapper

    15 years have passed since hip-hop held it’s collective breath on September 13th. Tupac Shakur is still undeniably one of the biggest names the culture ever produced, as evidenced by these 15 points, one for…

  • Mos Def

    10 Artists Formerly Known As…

    Mos Def may have one of the greatest monikers in the rap game but that doesn’t stop him from retiring it. When the year is done the man born Dante Smith will henceforth answer to ‘Yasiin.’ In honor of calling him whatever he wants to call himself (word to Ernie Terrell) TRU decided to take a look at 10 rappers who decided to quit banking on their previously established alias.

  • Will Smith

    Don’t Call It A Comeback: But These Guys Are Trying To

    Supposedly coming up in the next year or so are five major hip hop comebacks, with four once-prominent MCs and one infamous duo attempting to rediscover their footing. TRU breaks down each situation, as well as offers predictions on each comeback’s outcome. Peep the crystal ball.

  • VMAs-tyler-the-creator

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    Thank Tyler for Making Rap Scary Again

    Hip-hop culture, and especially it’s musical exponent rap, is far from the fledgling movement it once was. With the genre well over 30 years old now, a whole generation of rap listeners has come for…

  • The Famous Vibe Death Row Cover

    The 5 Greatest Label Runs In Rap History

    When digging for records you often run across records you don’t know but which might be of interest. The first thing you do then is look for the label and year of release. Like when…

  • DJ Premier

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    DJ Premier’s 10 Greatest Hits Of The Naughts

    Premier is revered as a treasure of rap’s golden age in the 90s, but the man has never actually stopped creating his vintage boombap. So in honor of Premier’s more than impressive discography and to underline the fact that more than a decade after his supposed prime, he’s still playing the game on an admirable level, TRU proudly presents…

  • wpid-Drake-blackberry.jpg

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    Death Of the Freestyle

    Freestyle rap commonly refers to rap lyrics which are improvised through a a capella or with instrumental beats, i.e. performed with no previously composed lyrics, or “off the top of the head” – Taken from…

  • Chuck D with Public Enemy at Bonnaroo Music Festival - Carlton Douglas Ridenhour -2009 Bonnaroo Photos - Stock Festival Images - June 12, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Chuck D

    Happy Born Day to Chuck D, one of the best to ever breathe on a mic. Chuck truly perfected the art of combining intricate rhymes with explosive truths about oppression. Without him, your favorite conscious…

  • scarface-fix

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    Hindsight Is 20/20: How Scarface Made Me Realize I’m an Adult

    When Scarface dropped his album ‘The Fix’ on Def Jam South almost ten years ago The Source gave it five mics, XXL heralded it as a XXL-rated classic and many, many other media added their praise to the choir. I bought the album because I thought it was dope as well, but five mics? Hell nah. In the words of Christopher Wallace; “Things Done Changed.”

  • Ben Westhoff - Dirty South

    Interview: Ben Westhoff

    Hip-hop journalist Ben Westhoff, of Village Voice and Creative Loafing fame, has penned a compelling book about the Dirty South hip-hop. I had an opportunity to meet him recently when he came to Houston for…

  • 20110311-NOTORIOUS BIG

    Identity of Ready to Die Baby Revealed

    For 17 years, many hip-hop fans have wondered: Who’s that chubby kid on the cover of Biggie’s Ready to Die? We finally have the answer to that million dollar question.

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