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  • wpid-jeremylin.jpg

    Just Pure AdrenaLIN

    Cool artwork commemorating the unexpected meteoric rise of Jeremy Lin, the NBA’s new wünderkind. No idea who created this but thought I’d throw it out there on the count of it being awesome. If you…

  • wpid-haze05.jpg

    A Fool And His Gold: HAZE

    ‘A Fool And His Gold’ is a cool concept by the creative fellows behind Fool’s Gold Records where they change their flagship store in Brooklyn into a bona fide art gallery and have the artist…

  • wpid-NES-DMC.jpg

    5 Classic Hip-Hop Album Covers Reimagined As NES Games

    People involved with hip-hop often talk about it as a game. Though this is not intended litterally, hip-hop did come up during the same age as and parallel to videogames; from the late 70s to…

  • Cube-Eames

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    Ice Cube Visits The Eames House

    Not many know Cube studied architectural drafting before his rap career took off, so he really know what he’s talking about when praising the way nature and man-made structural form merge in The Eames House…

  • wpid-Optimus.jpg

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    A Building Comes To Life In The Most Awesome Advertising You’ll See This Year

    The 2011 IFA in Berlin, the biggest technology conference in Europe, was opened by LG in an amazingly spectacular way, presenting their new LG Optimus range of Android devices. They projected a ‘Hyper Facade’ onto…

  • wpid-GTHANG.jpg

    Jim Mahfood Paints A Perfect Picture Of G-Funk

    Here’s some dope work by artist Jim Mahfood aka Food One (click to enlarge). A print will set you back $45 (including shipping) but you’ll have something cool on your wall to look at while…

  • Robbo

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    Graffiti Wars (Banksy vs King Robbo)

    British TV recently enjoyed an awesome documentary in the form of ‘Graffiti Wars.’ When Banksy went over the oldest remaining piece of graffiti in London to incorporate it into a piece of his own, it was on. Channel 4 documents the whole conflict in this 50-minute film.

  • wpid-kase2a.jpg

    A Salute To Kase2

    Case aka Kase2 passed away yesterday. He was known to many as the one-armed wonder from Style Wars (of which you can watch a scene above) and was a pioneer in hip-hop culture. He battled…

  • Proper Propaganda

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    What If Social Media Had Propaganda Posters?

    That’s the question Etsy user Justonescarf asked himself. He decided to answer it by creating these awesome propaganda-style posters for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you’re suddenly motivated by these to share them through your…

  • kanyeezy-hov

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    Watch the Throne Artwork a Middle Finger to Conspiracy Theorists

    Watch the Throne has finally docked. The music will dominate discussion for the next 200 million years, naturally. But I also expect the rap Illuminati watchdogs to unload a series of posts dissecting the artwork.…

  • Behold the World’s Most Expensive Photo

    Behold the World’s Most Expensive Photo

    How much would you pay for this picture? Five bucks? Twenty? Two hundred? How about $3.89 million? That’s how much this photograph of photographer Cindy Sherman went for at an auction. The picture, titled “Untitled…

  • Behind The Scenes Of MarijuanaMan

    Behind The Scenes Of MarijuanaMan

    We talked about MarijuanaMan and his creators a while back and since 4/20 the book is on the shelves. The artwork in the XL hardcover comic is pretty bangin and here’s a behins the scenes peek at how they made it.

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