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    The Rock Quoting Jay-Z In ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’

    Sure, the first GI Joe wasn’t very good and effectively trampled all over many a dude’s nostalgia, but this sequel is actually starting to look pretty entertaining. If you’re gonna make a ridiculous, unbelievable action…

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    Kermit & Miss Piggy Put Fox News On Blast

    The latest Muppets movie is about to premier in the UK and two of it’s lead stars held a press conference were they were asked to respond to the inane comments of Fox journalists some…

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    Watch The Official The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

    Welcome to TRU, your favorite summer blockbuster trailer site. Yeah, I managed to shoehorn one of my favorite Mr. Muthaf*ckin’ eXquire tracks into this one, making it somewhat rap-related, but I’m not even gonna try…

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    Sylvester Stallone Back To Shoot His Way Through A Hole In Our Culture With ‘Expendables 2

    With North-Korean dictator Kim-Jong-Il passing away and leaving his subjects in tears over the loss of their Matt Stone & Trey Parker puppet beloved leader, an emptiness becomes apparent in our western hearts as well.…

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    Young Jeezy’s Short Film ‘.38′

    Def Jam exec: Wow, Kanye really gave us some great 4th quarter numbers last year! People were all talking about his movie with those ballerinas and the hot chick with the wings and stuff! How…

  • People’s Champion: Behind the Battle

    People’s Champion: Behind the Battle

    Not too many Internet memes have exploded like Eli Porter’s Iron Mic Battle did. The actual YouTube clip has circulated all over the Internets, and it just made sense for a documentary to be made,…

  • Godfather Characters and Their Hip-Hop Counterparts

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    Godfather Characters and Their Hip-Hop Counterparts

    Over the years, countless rappers have referenced classic mob flicks as a comparison to their own lives. While references such as these have become gratuitous and somewhat cliché, they are not always too far off from the lives and personalities of certain rappers. For instance, while watching ‘The Godfather’ tonight for the umpteenth time, I realized that there are certain rappers whose careers have in multiple ways paralleled members of the Corleone Family

  • Biggie’s Son starring In Will Ferrell Movie

    Biggie’s Son starring In Will Ferrell Movie

    On May 13th Will Ferrell’s new movie hits theaters and will add an impressive chapter to the IMDB profile of BIG’s son CJ.

  • Watch The Fab Five Documentary

    Watch The Fab Five Documentary

    There’s been a lot of chatter in the media about ESPN’s Fab Five documentary, particularly because Jalen Rose refers to Grant Hill and some of his Duke teammates as “Uncle Toms.” Hill wrote a response…

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    8 Movies That Indirectly Influenced Hip-Hop

    Eight movies that indirectly inspired your favorite rappers.

  • Oscar Nominations are in

    Oscar Nominations are in

    The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has unveiled its nominations for the the 2011 awards. I couldn’t be happier to see that Toy Story 3 and The Fighter made the Best Picture list.…

  • Style Wars Remake

    Style Wars Remake

    Before you start shaking your fist at the screen going on about people disrespecting a classic hip-hop documentary and whatnot, take a moment to enjoy this flick. It’s actually kinda dope, given the material at…

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