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  • wpid-Canada_Dry.jpg

    “You Canada Dry” Common Vs Drake Themed Shirt

    No webstore is carrying them yet but you can order these by contacting Chi-Town native Custom Velasquez through Spotted at Fake Shore Drive.

  • wpid-complete-technique-nike-snowboarding-zf1-american-eagle-01.jpg

    …And Then There Was The Time Nike Released A Gold Plated Ski Boot

    A few months back, Osamu Koyama, the designer behind jewelry label Complete Technique, mentioned briefly about the new ZF-1 snowboard boots from Nike Snowboarding and his participation in the upcoming Shoeshine Project 2012. The week,…

  • Rush x Jigga x Occupy

    This is currently a hot topic

    The Real Story Behind Jay-Z’s #OWS Shirt Controversy

    You might’ve seen it hit the web a couple days ago but unless you ordered one right away the window of opportunity had closed. Now the Rocawear #Occupy shirt is back. There’s a boatload of…

  • Plankin

    You’ve Watched The Throne, Now Watch The Shirts

    Not to say that Rocawear is cribbing its ideas from this site but the last time Yeezy dropped an album we had to create these ourselves… Just sayin’. The WTT tees are 100% official though…

  • wpid-shoe_tounge_side.jpg

    The ‘Keithy E Demo Tape’ Shoe Pays Tribute To Guru

    This looks pretty damn fly. You don’t have to worry about putting money into a certain super producer pro-looser solar scumbag either, word of this came straight from Guru’s nephew Justin so it’s squared with…

  • All Kinds of No

    This is currently a hot topic

    All Kinds of No

  • The Wins Low Tee

    This is currently a hot topic

    The Wins Low Tee

    You know you’ve arrived when people are engraving your words on t-shirts.

  • The Trustworthiness of Beards

    The Trustworthiness of Beards

    click to embiggen According to this diagram, Burt Reynolds is far more trustworthy than Phil Jackson. I don’t buy it. But I’m glad to learn that I’m very trustworthy. *kanye shrug* [Source: Geekologie]

  • Italian City Bans Miniskirts

    Italian City Bans Miniskirts

    And in today’s installment of You Couldn’t Make This Shit Up, a city in Italy is planning to ban miniskirts, low-cut jeans and other revealing clothing to improve so-called standards of public decency. Offenders of…

  • How Hip-Hop Ruined Polo

    How Hip-Hop Ruined Polo

    The folks over at Satorially Inclined, one of my favorite fashion blogs, recently did an article on Dipset’s relationship with Ralph Lauren’s notorious clothing line. To sum it up, you can blame The Diplomats for…

  • Vinyl Girl Is Bringing Sexy Back

    Vinyl Girl Is Bringing Sexy Back

    This young lady was seen spinning in a vinyl skirt at Red Zebra, a multi-media art-as-a-party event featuring fashion designers, musicians, and more. It looks great until she decides to sit down.

  • These Wings Don’t Make You Fly

    These Wings Don’t Make You Fly

    When I first spotted these new Adidas kicks on GearFuse, I had to double check to make sure I hadn’t accidentally opened The Onion.

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