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  • wpid-Cool_Babes_With_Hot_Donuts-_30.jpg

    Cuban Linx – Last Donut of the Night (Special Edition)

    Since Dilla passed, the week in which he celebrated his birthday (February 7th) and breathed his last breath (February 10th) marks the international J. Dilla week in hip-hop circles. His influence and talent are hard…

  • wpid-hot_glasses.jpg

    Cuban Linx – All Over

    ♣ 9 Actors You Never Knew Voiced ’80s Cartoons [Topless Robot] ♣ Forgive But Never Forget: Former Slave Pens Letter To Former Plantation Owner [The Smoking Section] ♣ Tom Brady Used An Illegal Online Stream…

  • wpid-KatFood-2075-1.jpg

    Cuban Linx – Smokey Winds

    ♣ RIAA-Ruined Rap: The 20 Worst Platinum Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time [The Smoking Section] ♣ Don’t Like SOPA & PIPA? You’ll Hate ACTA [Access Now] ♣ Roald Dahl, Lucian Freud and 225 Refused To…

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    Cuban Linx – Action

    ♣ January 18 captured: A SOPA blackout gallery [Open Source] ♣ SOPA Explained In Animated GIF Format [The Oatmeal] ♣ SOPA In A Nutshell [Buzzfeed] ♣ 10 Rappers to Watch in 2012 [] ♣ Shyne…

  • wpid-KatFood-2029.jpg

    Cuban Linx – Deliveries

    Paintjob by Jim Mahfood. ♣ Geeks to Testify (Finally!) About SOPA Blacklisting Implications [Wired] ♣ Top 5 Rap Videos of the Week: Phonte, Delo, Brother Ali, and More [] ♣ Katy Perry’s Family Is Crazy,…

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    Cuban Linx – Slow Down

    ♣ White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars [Wired] ♣ Lupe Fiasco Waiting On Label To Finish ‘Food & Liquor II’ [Rapfix] ♣ Lupe Fiasco Waiting On Label To Finish ‘Food & Liquor II’…

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    Cuban Linx – Geek Down

    ♣ The 25 Best Comic Books Of 2011 [Complex] ♣ Universal Music Takes Down 50 Cent’s Official YouTube Video [Tech Dirt] ♣ 30 Amazing Photographs And The Stories Behind Them [BuzzFeed] ♣ A list of…

  • yup-lp

    Cuban Linx: Examination of What

    Today’s top stories, brought to you by my future ex-wife.

  • 2:3 of holy trinity

    Cuban Linx – Rap Renegades

    Today’s top stories. Brought to you by two-thirds of the Holy Trinity According to Kanye West. And this has been the nerdiest Cuban Linx intro in the history of Cuban Linx. Clickitty clack.

  • i'd share thanksgiving leftovers with her

    Cuban Linx – Highing Fly

    Pop the lid for today’s hottest links and stories.

  • iggy_azalea

    Cuban Linx – Last of the Spiddyocks

    Today’s top stories brought to you by the jiggy Iggy.

  • and up top, uh, two bee stings

    Cuban Linx: Dial 7

    ♣ Hol’ the fuck up, Hov is charging fools for a website too? Yeah, yeah, I know: he’s not a businessman; he’s a business, man. He just thought he’d remind us. #Winning [R4L] ♣ Happy…

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