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    Jay Smooth On Occupy Wall Street ‘Outing The Ringers’

    Real talk. Love how Jay started from a third person perspective and ends up saying ‘we.’ As in, we are the 99%.

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    The Sad Reality Behind 50 Cent’s Street King Campaign

    Fiddy’s plan to feed a billion kids is admirable, who can possibly object to feeding the hungry? It’s great to see him use his star power for a positive force like that, so in no…

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    Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

    Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear…

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    Thoughts On Troy Davis And The Death Penalty

    Damn. Having just caught wind of the tragically fitting T.R.O.Y. rework by Jasiri X makes me wish I would’ve posted it in a more timely fashion. But as gruesome as the case is in itself, the execution of Troy Davis is even part of a much larger problem in our world.

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    Steve Urkel Rapping

    So… This is downright disturbing. In case you were thinking that the often misguided appropriation of hip-hop culture by mainstream media was a fairly recent development, here’s a totally radical wake-up call from 1990.

  • Twin Towers

    Never Forget: Bun B on 9/11

    Ten years ago today, America was forced to learn the hard way that no country is ever invulnerable. Unrivaled military power and the world’s largest economy are not sufficient in guaranteeing safety, the harsh truth is that nothing really is.

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    Nike Releasing The Marty McFly Shoe? (UPDATED)

    If you’re an 80s baby or just like entertaining adventure flicks you’ll no doubt the futuristic Nikes Marty McFly wore in ‘Back To The Future II’. Seems like Nike might actually be bringing the future…

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    Google’s Freddy Mercury Doodle Hits the Web

    Happy labor day to all US citizens! For the rest of the world it’s just another monday, unless you’re a fan of Queen frontman Freddy Mercury who would’ve become 65 years old today. At least…

  • Proper Propaganda

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    What If Social Media Had Propaganda Posters?

    That’s the question Etsy user Justonescarf asked himself. He decided to answer it by creating these awesome propaganda-style posters for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. If you’re suddenly motivated by these to share them through your…

  • Meet Miles Morales

    Meet Miles Morales: The New Spider-Man

    Seeing how most of the iconic superheroes were created somewhere in the 40s up until the 60s, it won’t come as a surprise to many that a certain demographic was kinda overrepresented among them; they’re…

  • Passwords


    So a grand list of passwords just hit the Innanets. I have no idea who’s behind this but it’s obvious some effort went into compiling this beast. Let this be a warning to those of…

  • Behold the World’s Most Expensive Photo

    Behold the World’s Most Expensive Photo

    How much would you pay for this picture? Five bucks? Twenty? Two hundred? How about $3.89 million? That’s how much this photograph of photographer Cindy Sherman went for at an auction. The picture, titled “Untitled…

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