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  • Grafh-Sarah-Jay-Motto-Video-therapup

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    Grafh and Sarah Jay Make a Porno

    Grafh kicks a freestyle while adult entertainer Sarah Jay shakes her assets. In between rapping and ass-shaking, they take turns filming each other’s moves. How ki-yoot.

  • Grafh – “Like Oh (Remix)” [f/ Jada, Jim Jones, Bun, Prinz]

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    Grafh – “Like Oh (Remix)” [f/ Jada, Jim Jones, Bun, Prinz]

    Grafh – “Like Oh (Remix)” [f/ Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Bun B, Prinz] If you’ve never heard of Grafh, you’re probably not missing much. Dedicated? Yes. Mindblowingly great? No. You should definitely listen to this for…

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